3D-Bottech empowers the future innovation for creative people..
3D-Bottech empowers the future innovationfor creative people..

SunRouter-The ultimate self-powered solar energy harvesting robot

The SunRouterTM system, our core product offering, pictured in our logo, reflects our long term mission and vision; affordable, sustainable energy through the unique use of a sophisticated astronomical design together with leading edge technologies. We have developed, and are preparing to bring to market, the SunRouterTM system which integrates 3D Printing, Robotic Actuators, IoT (Internet of things), Renewable Solar Energy, and a novel high precision differential gear reduction mechanism to make this a compact cost effective appliance.


The SunRouterTM system is the optimal solution for solar energy redistribution and utilization: high efficiency, reconfigurability, and scalability. This innovative appliance will help bring an end to the dependence on natural gas, heating oil and traditional air conditioning for most of the households around the word. The SunRouterTM system, through its direct use of solar energy for lighting, heating, and cooking as well as supplemental electricity generation is the most cost effective and sustainable way to provide these capabilities.


The SunRouterTM system has been designed to be portable, require no external power, and be controlled wirelessly via smartphone apps; it is able to deliver- on demand - energy to any room or any target. If install on the moon, it is capable of wirelessly routing solar energy from the moon back to earth for all of us. And we have depicted this in our logo. Our team of innovative and visionary engineers is committed to bring this new approach to the market and is currently seeking investors to accelerate our product development and commercialization.



We are expected to launch a crowd-funding campaign to help commercialize this product in 2019 spring-Summer. If you are interested to become the first one in loop of this development and be rewarded with sponsorship package, please email us : info@3d-bottech.com and we will inform you when the campaign ready to be launched...



A prototype of the 3rd generation of SunRouter
Prototype of 1st genertion SunRouter

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