3D-Bottech empowers the future innovation for creative people..
3D-Bottech empowers the future innovationfor creative people..

Gray-scale Laser Engraver prototype

This is a new prototyep demo  of the MasterRap i4 framework change to become a laser engraver. The laser used is a powerful 2.8 watt blue laser. It can be use to cut and engrave materials like paper, wood, ABS, acrylic...etc. This following is some gray -scale engraving tests on paper and wood


MasterRap Laser Engarver prototype performing gray scale engraving test with high power 2.8 Watt blue diode laser. The power level was variate between 40-1500mW during this test according to the
gray-sacle levels of the image to be engraved on the wood in this unedited clip.

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