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3D-Bottech empowers the future innovationfor creative people..

The "Magic PLA Solution" for print bed by 3D-Bottech 

Magic PLA Solution for print bed, 100ml spray bottle. over 500 print spray for 500 prints job.
Magic PLA Solution for print bed

The most advanced and professional grade lowest cost per use solution for perfect PLA printing. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, water cleans up, bio-degradable ingredients developed for perfect PLA 3D printing. No more wrapped print, and no more non-stick to bed issue . Easy remove in second after print, shiny mirror like printed bottom. The lowest cost solution for PLA printing, no more hassle of blue tape and expensive cost of it, hair spray, PVA glue stick that makes your print difficult to be removed. Simple, easy, perfect print and cost effectiveness is what "Magic PLA Solution for print  bed" bring to the 3D printing world after 3 years of R&D efforts and tested on over 30km of PLA filaments materials.

R&D is 3D-Bottech's routine tasks to discover a better solution to solve the difficult problem.

3D-Bottech have tested and spent significant time in searching for a good solution to resolve the problem of PLA not able to stick to well on print bed problems that encounter by almost every single user of the 3D printers. 3D-Bottech have heavily tested different kind of the current widely used method of either blue tape, or hair spray, or heated bed, and even glues, high-temperature tapes...at  3D-Bottech, we tested them all and was unhappy with all of them. These methods either not stick too well and caused thermal wrapping, curled up on edge, or create rough bottom on the final print result or create too strong bonding between the printed object and the print bed and yield difficulty to remove it or event damage to the print bed. To resolve this problem, 3D-Bottech has spent years and months to research a better solution. And the end result is that a pretty good success to formula a proprietary fluid solution that bound the PLA to the glass just right, strong enough to stick well for printing, but easy enough to remove it from the bed in second...and we name it "Magic PLA solution" for print bed.


.The video demonstrates the easy use of it for printing a shiny bottom PLA on glass without even have to turn on heat bed and the result also able to remove in seconds. As you will realized that heated bed consumes over 70% of the 3D printer energy in the printers if you turned heat bed on during printing. With this "Magic PLA solution" for print bed developed by 3D-Bottech, estimate 70% of the energy can be saved by reduced printing temperature from 60+ deg C down to 50 deg C setting for heated bed, this result in significant reduces the cost of operation on any 3D printer that prints PLA.

Step1: Spray on the "Magic PLA Solution" by 3D-Bottech on glass bed... That is easy!

Step1: Spray on the "Magic PLA Solution"  by 3D-Bottech on glass bed... That is easy!

Print on the glass bed after the spay of "Magic PLA Solution". Now it is sticky to stick PLA to glass bed.

Step2:  Print on the glass bed after the spay of "Magic PLA Solution". Now it is sticky to stick PLA to glass bed.

Step3: Easy remove of the printed object effortlessly form the glass bed and yield shiny bottom

Step3: Easy remove of the printed object effortlessly in just one-second from the glass bed and yield shiny bottom.

If an item stuck very well on print bed, it only takes one second to remove it from print bed by using a wood stick against the printed item and struck the other end will release the printed item from print bed

For more instruction on the use of the "Magic PLA Solution for print bed", please visit facebook page for this product: https://www.facebook.com/magicplasolution  

4. Print resuts gallary:  No Wrap, Perfact stick to shiny glass w Magic PLA Solution for Print Bed, yield shiny bottom of the print


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