3D-Bottech empowers the future innovation for creative people..
3D-Bottech empowers the future innovationfor creative people..

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Magic PLA Solution for Print Bed

3oz (100ml) or 1.5oz (50ml) bottle of spray-on solution that make PLA print stick to print bed very well.
Quick and easily removal of printed object in seconds.
No more tape, glue stick, that make object hard to remove
Make shiny print bottom with this Magic PLA Solution.

Magic PLA Solution buy more and save
MasterRap i4 DIY Kit
599.00 USD

MasterRap i4 DIY kit for construction of a top perfomanc3 3D printer all parts included, for making a stand-alone 3D printer. Including a bonus bottle of Magic PLA Solution. (free delivery to Ottawa, Ontario with workshop, rest part of Canada and USA offered parts only w free shipping.

MasterRap i4e DIY kit w training Workshop
3,249.00 USD

Contain a MasterRap i4e dual print head 3D printer Kit and with 40 hours workshop training service that will train a novice user into a proficiency 3D printing pro. Suitable for serious user who want to be able to acquire advanced 3D printing skills in short time.
bonus Magic PLA Solution.

MasterRap i4 3D Printer DIY kit for School w On site Assistant and Training
850.00 CAD

MasterRap i4 DIY kit for construction of a top perfomance 3D printer. Power Supply included for making a stand alone 3D printer. Including a bonus bottle of Magic PLA Solutions.
Include one day free onsite DIY assistant and training to school teacher/club in Greater Ottawa Area only.

Annual maintenance support service program

This annual support program helps keep your printer in proper maintenance as well as updated training need.
Up to 2-hours onsite support is one session. Over 2-hour visit in a single day is treated as 2 sessions in that day. Unused session expired after 12 months. Part cost extra.

Number of on-site sessions To be purchased
Any 3D Printer Onsite Rescue Service
90.00 CAD

Fix clogged printers, onsite visit and service to rescue you no longer extruding 3D printer.
Price cover the travel to Greater Ottawa Area and up to one-hour labor cost.
Parts cost extra.

PLA filament 1kg spool

This is the same high-quality PLA filament made from virgin raw materials that we also use ourselves to produce high-quality ultra resolution 3D print on our MasterRap line of 3D printer. drop us an email for your specific color requirement.

1kg filamant Shipping Option
3D printer Replacement Nozzle

3D printer brass nozzle extruder nozzle 0.3/0.4mm For 1.75 mm filament supplies extruder nozzles

Nozzle Size Options

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