3D-Bottech empowers the future innovation for creative people..
3D-Bottech empowers the future innovationfor creative people..

Benifits & Freatures of MasterRap 3D printers

MasterRap i4 3D Printer Features


  • Design for high end top performance in speed, precision, quality of print with low cost, outperform other well known name brand systems that cost USD$1000s-$3000


  • Layer resolution 0.008mm (the best resolution capability not seen in any other system)  to 0.3mm


  • Superior up to 85 deg overhang, and long bridging capability


  • Light weight print head, high print speed from 10 to 120mm/sec (turable during printing)


  • Up to 230 x 200 x 150 mm ( 9” x 8” x 6”) Print size


  • Nozzle diameter 0.3mm or 0.4mm



  • Free software: Cura, Repitier-Host, MatterControl compatible..and many more...

  • Compatible with wild selction of opens source hardward, haker friendly, make for makers. 


  • Filament 1.75 with anti-grinding extruder mechanism


  • Easy 3 points level system for print bed


  • No hard to remove tape needed to stick to platform, using Magic PLA Solution for print bed, make shiny bottom layer print


  • LCD with SD card stand alone operation, no computer needed during printing


  • Quick  and easy front load filament extruder


  • Accessible, open concept, unhindered access to remove printed object, adjust and maintenance machine


  • Professional, clean, unclustered look, no flying wires all over machine like other DIY printers




-----Any 3D printer that can not print precision parts for itself is a incapable printer.  A printer can print precision parts to self-replicate is proven to be in better performance in precision than those who can't!

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