3D-Bottech empowers the future innovation for creative people..
3D-Bottech empowers the future innovationfor creative people..

About Us

Innovation and implement of technologies, products, and solutions to help solving complex problems is our mission.


The 3D printing is a powerful enabler technology that can help reshape the landscape of technology control from big business to individual and enable many innovation by creative individuals. That is the key technology that we attempt to help accelerating adapting by creative individuals so as to the unlocking human creativities for creating  useful device and system.


We have been in the current goal of developing the most cost effective high performance 3D printers and to offers 3D printers, filament and providing 3D printing service for the emerging marketing to empower makers and innovative individual to cost effectively create and invent useful devices and system to change the world to a better place for living in.


We have developed a high performance 3D printer, MasterRap i4, and is in developing of dual extruders 3D printer “MasterRap Dual”  and  expect to run a crowd funding campaign by Nov 2015 to raise sufficient resource to future development of this system into multi-functional system that functions as a super tool of integrated 3D printer, CNC router, and engraver and other useful tools in a simple system.


Our technical capability exceed over 25 years of experience in multiple fields of scientific and engineering strength. We have plenty of IoT (Internet-of-things) robotics device and system to be developed. All of them will innovated using our 3D printing technology. Our road map will go from fabrication  system, to clean tech and harness renewable energy for direct use and eliminate the global warming from source. We have a big vision and know how in making many useful innovation to solve the current global warming issue, but with very limited resources, we can only start from 3D printing, to create low cost enabling tools for public and hope to make a significant impact to solve many  global issues through tools, devices, systems to be created, developed using this enabler technology of 3D printing .


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