3D-Bottech empowers the future innovation for creative people..
3D-Bottech empowers the future innovationfor creative people..

The MasterRap Dual is intended to be a top performance 3D printer that out beats those main stream big brand well over $1500 USD 3D printers in speed and layer thickness resolution currently on the market. The mechanical construction in this printer allowed the minimum layer thickness down to as small as only 8 micron (0.008 mm) for ultra fine printing that unseen in other printers.  It was designed with solid structural stability with future expansion ability to accept multiple tools attachment modules such as laser engraver, light duty CNC router,..plaster extrusion for draw pattern for exotic application.. We intent to continue future developed this to a exceptional multi-function enthusiastic tool that leading the industry to a next level.



MasterRap Dual 3D-Printer Specification

Product dimensions:

51x50x49 cm (Spool holder unattached)

(20x19.7x19.3 IN)


Layer Thickness:

0.008 - 0.3 mm


Build platform:

Heated glass mirror platform (250mmX250mm)


Dual extruder:



Stepper motors:

1.8° Step angle with 1/16 Micro-stepping


Body / Construction:

Steel, Engineering Plastic,

Chromium plated steel


Stepping Precision:

X: 80 step/mm

Y: 80 step/mm

Z: 4000 step/mm


Print speed:

10 – 180 mm/s


Travel speed:

30 – 300 mm/s


Nozzle diameter

0.3 mm (0.0118 IN) or 0.4mm (0.0157 IN) option


Single extruder print:

Print all at Once  configuration:

Up to 23x23x19 cm (9x9x7.5 inch)

Print one at a time configuration :

Up to 23x23x14 cm (9x9x4 inch)


Dual extruder print:

Up to 20x18x18 cm 


Max print. volume:

10.0 liter


Positioning resolution:

XY: 12.5 microns Z: 0.3 microns


Extruder Feature:

Filament Anti-grinding protection mechanism


Front load, easy access for quick filament change


Print bed leveling:

Easy 3 points leveling system


Filament holder:

Dual Spools accept any filament vendor


Filament materials:

Take any 1.75mm ABS/PLA filament from any vendor


Smart LCD controller:

20X4  character LCD controller,

Stand-alone offline Printing from SD


Printing method:

Print from SD, Print from USB


Filament Diameter:

1.75 mm


Compatible Software

Repetier Host(Free)

Cura (Free)


File format:

STL, G-code


Operating systems:

Windows, Mac OS X, Linux


Nozzle temperature:

175° – 265° C



USB (included)


Operation heated bed temperature:

25° – 110°


Power Supply: (Not provided)

DC 12V 20A  required

MasterRap Dual Spec Sheet
MasterRap Dual spec sheet 2015.09.08 .pd[...]
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